In our organisation we believe in making our world a better place through Shared Growth, a philosophy that drives every person in our organisation – enabling us all to contribute towards growing our continent.

We believe in empowering women and creating tomorrow’s leaders, starting today.

We believe in the power of collective intelligence – that, by connecting people, we can achieve far more together, than we ever could, alone.

In our organisation we believe that succeeding in the fourth industrial revolution will require more than advanced technology. It will also take smarts – and hearts. It’s this combination of talent and passion that will enable us to realise our vision of Shared Growth, growing our country and our continent. Our success is also thanks to the remarkable women who drive our organisation forward, the leaders of tomorrow. And our success will thrive on collaboration, with our very own collective intelligence enabling us to achieve far more together, than we ever could, alone.

Take a challenge and get a taste of what it’s like to be part of our organisation.

Welcome to the Human Quantum Computer

If one human brain has the processing power of thousands of super computers, imagine what we could achieve if we worked together. The Human Quantum Computer connects you to thousands of Africa’s smartest young minds, enabling you to play your part in creating a better world. And win prizes whilst you’re doing good.

What is the HQC?

The Human Quantum Computer poses real world challenges from recognised NGOs working on improving the accessibility, quality and delivery of education across Africa.

The challenges are problems that the NGOs have neither the time nor the resources to solve, which prevents them from achieving these goals.

Solving these challenges not only helps the NGOs, but also empowers individuals, uplifts communities and ultimately helps Africa reach its potential on the world stage.

Why should I take part?

Aside from the fact that you will be a part of solving one of Africa’s greatest challenges and helping the future individuals, communities, and the continent, you will receive recognition for you contribution in articles and social media. Plus there are amazing prizes to be won!

If you are a graduate you will receive additional recognition in the application process for the Rising Eagles Graduate program, although you don’t need to be a graduate to take part. We just need solvers!

How to take part

Participating is simple. Make sure you’ve registered. You’ll get your initial points for registering. Then head over to the challenges section and select a challenge. By submitting a valid solution to the challenge you’ll receive further points. You’ll receive additional points for each additional part of the challenge form you fill in.

There are two types of challenges:

  • Challenge Type 1: Is a challenge direct from the NGO. You can fill these in and submit.
  • Challenge Type 2: This is when a solution has been submitted to an NGO, but the NGO believes it can be even better. These challenges contain both the challenge questions and another user’s solution. You can choose to edit or update these solutions and score additional points.

Does my solution have to be an original idea?

No, it doesn’t. If you have seen something that has worked in another scenario to solve a similar problem, you can submit that as a solution.

But it would be great if you could take it to the next level.

Prizes and points

Every month the participant with the most points will be awarded the month’s grand prize, we’ll also have some smaller spot prizes for participants.
You get points for registering on the website and for submitting solutions to the challenges. You can also win points by improving other people’s solutions.

How points are awarded

Registration: 25 points
Submitting a solution: 20 points
Submitting a solution – Providing Research: 10 points
Submitting a solution – Implementation: 10 points
Submitting a solution – Measurement: 10 points

Note: When a solution is reposted to the website, the original user who submitted the post is still awarded the full points for the submission, they can also partake in improving the solution and win more points.

Improving a solution: 15 points
Improving a solution – Providing Research: 10points
Improving a solution – Implementation: 10 points
Improving a solution – Measurement: 10 points

Start playing

Posted on: 11/05/2018

Organic farming low water HC creative requirements for the above challenge

Posted on: 10/05/2018

Collaboration: Disease Outbreaks

Posted on: 10/05/2018

Collaboration time: Creating electricity from schoolbags. We got a good solution, but the NGO wants to see if we can collaborate to power this idea

Posted on: 10/05/2018

Collaboration time: Converting waste into electricity. We got a good solution, but the NGO wants to see if we can collaborate to make this idea better

Posted on: 09/04/2018

Collaboration time: We got a good solution, but the NGO wants to see if we can improve on it, see if you can help for extra points.

Posted on: 09/04/2018

Resource Map

Posted on: 09/04/2018

Healthcare Training

Posted on: 23/02/2018 | NGO: Aluwani Foundation

Help us build a portable low-tech radio station

Posted on: 23/02/2018 | NGO: Aluwani Foundation

Help us hack mobile coverage

Posted on: 23/02/2018 | NGO: Aluwani Foundation

Help us bring light to students and communities

Rising Eagles Challenge Platform

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