It’s not just about working your day job

With a booming youth population, Africa is home to bright young minds that have the potential to drive development. Aligned to our Shared Growth philosophy, we help nurture this young talent in a range of fields, including IT, financial management, compliance, business banking, and many others.

Guided by this philosophy, we created Rising Eagles, a graduate programme that offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talented graduates across Africa to get their career off to the best possible start.

Through the guidance and mentoring of industry experts, Rising Eagles equips graduates with the skills and experience they need to become true leaders in society. The programme challenges thinking, inspires fresh ideas, and helps young professionals realise their potential on our dynamic African continent.

Rising Eagles is one of the many programmes aligned to Shared Growth, which is about seeing individuals grow into better people, while impacting others positively. We employ and develop young professionals, who in turn add value to our business, enabling us to make a positive impact on the continent. That’s Shared Growth.

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