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Human Quantum Computer

What is the Human Quantum Computer?

If one human brain has the processing power of thousands of super computers, imagine what we could achieve if we worked together. The Human Quantum Computer connects you to thousands of Africa’s smartest young minds, enabling you to play your part in creating a better world together. And win prizes as well.

Absa and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

This year, the Human Quantum Computer Challenges will all be focused around the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). According to the UN, the SDGs are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, as they address the global challenges that we face as a collective. You can find out more about the UN SDGs here.

Absa have specifically committed to working on, and actively contributing to, solving challenges towards achieving these goals (since they directly impact our continent):

  • 5: Gender equality
  • 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 10: Reduced Inequalities

Absa has always been committed to sustainability. We recognise that making a meaningful contribution to these goals will be achieved by using them as a framework for global co-operation and action, bringing all stakeholders together to proactively address and solve these challenges.

One way we are achieving this is by inviting Africa’s brightest young minds to collaborate with us to solve these challenges; enabling us to make a real difference to our continent and our world.

Benefits of joining the Human Quantum Computer

Aside from the fact that you will be a part of solving one of Africa’s greatest challenges and helping future individuals, communities, and the continent, you will stand in line to win amazing prizes!

How to take part

Participating is simple. Make sure you’ve registered, to receive your initial points. Then head over to the challenges section, and select a challenge to work on.

Post your solution, then keep an eye on your upvotes which will earn you additional points. Use the feedback on your proposal to create a collaborative solution and you could win an Apple Macbook 13" – and contribute to shaping our continent.

Refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information.

Points and Prizes

At the end of the competition, the participant with the most points will be awarded the prize:
an Apple Macbook 13".

How points are awarded

Creating a solution

Completing your profile

Upvotes to a solution

Email invites to collaborate



Akani Maluleke



Karabo Machubeni



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Krivahn Doss



Kyle John



Christel Allen



Godlove Swai



Fariha burak Ahmed


Disclaimer: Thank you for your interest in the Human Quantum Computer! Please note that you are only eligible to win a prize for this competition if you are from one of the 11 countries specified in the Terms & Conditions. You are, however, welcome to enter and be a part of the greater solution.